April Author Spotlight

Shelia Higgs Burkhalter
Introducing Contributing Author
Shelia Higgs Burkhalter  

Shelia has 27 years experience in higher education, and is known to be motivated and focused. She is committed to student success and cultivating innovative, transformative, inclusive, and vibrant campus communities where excellence is expected and collaboration is embraced.

Shelia is an accomplished speaker, facilitator, and a certified Executive & Leadership Transitions Coach specializing in helping aspiring talent, new executives, and seasoned leaders to successfully transform their careers. 

  Her students affectionately call her ‘Shiggs’.

Brave Women at Work

 Stories in Resilience

Launching in October 2022!

Q: What motivated you to join the Brave Women at Work, Lessons in Resilience book project?

The Brave Women at Work project gives me the opportunity to share my story. A few years ago I would have said my story was nothing special. But, a recent presentation where I shared small snippets of my story confirmed that people were inspired and that my experience deserved a broader platform. The Brave Women at Work Project is a perfect outlet for giving voice to my story of resilience and persistence.  

Q: What do you hope readers will learn from your chapter?

There is an inherent pressure in being an executive in any organization. The role is wrought with expectations of excellence, robust deliverables, and high performance. When intersections of identity become a salient part of the journey, it can be even more challenging to navigate with confidence. I hope that my story will normalize and validate the experience that so many women are having and give them tools and inspiration for their journey.  

Shelia’s Advice:

You get this one life. Live it on your terms, allowing your values to guide you. The world needs what only you can offer.

Published by Shelia Higgs Burkhalter

I am a Higher Education Executive, Educator, Change Maker, Culture Shaper and Executive and Leadership Transitions Coach. I believe in PEOPLE, VALUES, and leading with HEART. I help aspiring and new executives and leaders to successfully transition to or through next level leadership. I am gifted in executive coaching, leadership and professional development, employee engagement, communication, and change management.

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