One to one confidential alliance designed to help client gain self-awareness, clarify goals, achieve development objectives, and unlock their potential. The coach serves as a confidential and supportive sounding board, asks empowering questions, and provides resources and tools to help the client cultivate innovative, transformative, and engaging work environments.

Energy Leadership™ Index Assessment

The life-changing ELI assessment checks all the boxes! If you’re interested in finding out what’s holding you back from creating your ideal life then you’ll definitely want to take the ELI.

After taking the online assessment, we’ll spend 90 minutes together where I’ll essentially hold a “mirror” to your perceptions, attitudes, behaviors, and beliefs—highlighting opportunities to create more of the life you want and come up with concrete strategies to actually get you there!

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The Energy Leadership™ Index 360

The 360 Assessment gives the client’s team the opportunity to rate him/her on 36 different leadership competencies associated with highly conscious, anabolic leaders. The results of the assessment reveal how the client’s perceptions compare to how others perceive them. It can also show areas of leadership opportunity.

Leader On The Rise

This coaching package includes credential review, job search strategies, interview preparation, the ELI Assessment and debrief, and one to one coaching sessions.

Executive On The Move

This coaching package includes the ELI Assessment and debrief, one to one coaching sessions, and resources (i.e., strategic planning, mission/vision development, goal setting, performance management, etc.) to assist with success in the new role.

“Coaching with Shelia positioned me to be reflective and introspective about my future. It has led me to a deeper understanding of my strengths and how they can be leveraged in my future career path. More importantly, it is equipping me to be imaginative in how my professional and personal objectives can coexist and be in balance. My growth and development from the first quarter prompted me to continue the coaching relationship for another quarter. “

— Darrell, Higher Education Executive Transitioning to Entrepreneurship