Valuing Wellness

I’m a really responsible person, almost to a fault. If I say I’m going to do something or be somewhere, you can count on it. For me integrity is the alignment of your words with your actions, and I work diligently to operate in this way.

But this “follow through at all costs” method of operating can filled with challenges. Not on the face of it, but if consistently and unwaveringly applied, it can be problematic. You see this responsibility mentality and value sometimes puts me at odds with what I need. This mindset in the extreme doesn’t allow for course correction, changing circumstances, other priorities, or a changed mind. This mentality has sometimes put me in a grind of unhealthy stress as I strive to keep commitments, even when my own health and wellness are at stake.

So I’m learning to press the pause button, and lead with my value of wellness more often. I check in with myself to see what I need. I ask myself what would most serve me in this moment. Then, I consciously choose. I am perfectly imperfect at being present enough to truly recognize my needs.  But, I’m getting better at it daily.

Those of us with a service mentality who lead with love, care, and concern for others, often put ourselves last. Let’s face it, it feels good to help others. Reallocating just a bit of that compassion and concern for others toward yourself and your needs will change your life. Even small steps toward being present enough to check in with what you need will give you clarity, and help you to make better choices. Don’t you deserve that?

Published by Shelia Higgs Burkhalter

I am a Higher Education Executive, Educator, Change Maker, Culture Shaper and Executive and Leadership Transitions Coach. I believe in PEOPLE, VALUES, and leading with HEART. I help aspiring and new executives and leaders to successfully transition to or through next level leadership. I am gifted in executive coaching, leadership and professional development, employee engagement, communication, and change management.

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